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What We Do

For more than 35 years Dean Drainage has delivered cutting edge drainage solutions that have helped farmers increase yields and decrease crop damage.  Our experience includes agricultural drainage, sub-surface irrigation, specialty drainage, and controlled drainage.  When you work with Dean Drainage you can expect:

We specialize in:
Engineered and Custom Design

Dean Drainage uses state-of-the-art design equipment.  All of our systems are prepared by a trained drainage engineer.  

Professional Installation 

Dean Drainage have been installing tile drainage systems since 1976.  We utilize the best-in-class equipment and have the most experienced and trained installation team in the region. 

Professional Survey 

Our qualified and experienced team will survey your field with the latest GPS/GIS equipment for real-time accuracy on the jobsite.

Deliver Returns 

A system designed and installed by Dean Drainage pays for itself within 3-5 years.  A tile drainage system will increase yields, profit, and property value.

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